About The Artist

Rivka has lived all over the world, in pursuit of finding her voice in art. Currently working out of her home studio near Salt Lake City, Rivka thrives with beautiful surroundings from which to draw inspiration. Looking at her gallery, you can actually feel the force of nature impelling her brushes: storms, clouds, northern lights, woods, waves, tides, mountains, stars... She is drawn to subjects that connect with us all on a human level, but the main connector is nature.

For Rivka, painting is also about sharing. Her gallery is proof of that. She shares much of her working process in oddly satisfying videos, imparting the secrets of her different techniques and materials. Rivka is skilled in a number of different media: acrylic, oil and resin, giving her great freedom to create and express without being limited to a particular style or media. Also, in an environment full of screens and digital new media, the organic feel of her work and materials takes us closer to a natural experience.

Behold the power, beauty and mystery of nature through the eyes of this art explorer.

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